I am a Database Architect Developer with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and over eighteen years of experience designing, developing and implementing large scale database systems. I believe in rigorous and diligent requirements discovery. My experience includes data modeling, normalization, migration and integration, metadata management and designing for future growth. I seek the largest and most complex database design and build challenges.


I have designed and built database systems as they relate to Aerospace, Business Intelligence, Real Estate, Taxes, Health Care, Telecommunications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Investment, Insurance, Multimedia and the U.S. Federal Budget. Some of my clients include the White House, The IRS, Microsoft, Boeing, SAFECO, The Seattle Seahawks and several dotcom's.


Job Titles

Data Architect Database Engineer
Data Modeler Systems Integrator
Database Analyst ETL Developer
Database Architect SQL Developer
Database Designer Systems Integrator
Database Developer T-SQL Developer
BI-Developer PL\SQL Developer
Business Analyst Web Developer